The Company

Designing and Constructing Trails that:
"Take you to where you want to go, the way you like to get there"


Trail Solutions Australia is an Adelaide based company of specialist recreational
trail designers and builders with experience dating back to the advent of
mountain bike riding and racing in Australia.

Trail Solutions Australia is dedicated to producing trails of international standard for
land managers, organisations and stakeholder groups in all landscapes.
Our experience and quality products has resulted in recognition as the premier
trail construction company in South Australia. as well as developing a national
and international profile through our association and recognition by the
International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).

Our work speaks for itself and can be observed in the States leading trail networks

Brenton Collins

Brenton has been involved with off road cycling for approximately thirty years and has been building mountain bike specific trails for 18 years.  His passion for the sport and his desire to ride trails that are exciting and challenging, led him firstly to become active as a volunteer trail builder with the Adelaide Mountain Bike Club, then as Race Director with the club before establishing his professional trail building business.

Brenton has extensive experience in the building industry and has combined his construction, landscaping and trail building skills with specialist trail building training from IMBA to become recognised as South Australia’s leading practitioner of recreational and competition trail design and construction.

Brenton advises trail user groups and land managers to promote sustainable trail development and maintenance programs.  His passion and approach is unquestionable. . His hands on approach, sound understanding of techniques and appropriate materials has provided 'trail solutions' across South Australia.


Georgie Collins

Georgie has extensive experience in financial management and is responsible for the administration of the company. Georgie takes the lead role in the preparation of reports, tenders and communications and ensures the smooth running of the company.