Kings Head Melrose


The Pony Ridge Trail is a popular walking trail that has been utilised to form part of the Yurrebilla Trail and the City of Mitcham’s MTB Trail network.  Additional use of the trail, the need to meet shared use requirements and expectations for modern safety standards resulted in the need to upgrade the trail.

Trail Solutions Australia were engaged by the Department pf Environment and Heritage (working in partnership with the City of Mitcham and Office for Recreation & Sport) to firstly consult with stakeholders and then construct a trail that meets the users needs employing sustainable techniques.  Given the site constraints (very narrow and steep historic road corridor) an innovative solution was required.

The final design and outcome incorporates 24 switchbacks and a new trail alignment within the first 100 metres of trail. This dramatically reduced the overall grade of the trail and provides walkers with a comfortable and safe journey and the cyclists with a challenging yet achievable ride (both up and down). The attractive trail entrance was created using gabions, stone and wooden fence posts.