Trail Planning and Consultation

Our planning philosophy is based on giving careful consideration to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of any given site or project circumstances. We do not simply design a trail that goes from point A to point B. We have regard for the needs of the trail users, trail managers and the environment and community within which the trail needs to co-exist. We gather this information from the land manager, community and site through a range of assessment techniques including:

  • On-site inspections with the land manager and stakeholders
  • Vegetation surveys by qualified specialists
  • Desk top research to review relevant written material such as park management plans or GIS spatial data identifying flood zones or the occurrence of plant diseases etc
  • Conduct meetings, forums and workshops
  • And not the least, talking to and involve the people that know the site well, the local users and managers. They are the best sounding boards for our ideas.

Put simply we gather all relevant information, apply our knowledge and expertise, development concept plans, consult, revise the plans as required and ensure we keep relevant people informed along the way so that we produce results that are well understood, accepted and meet the needs and resource capabilities of our clients.